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Artikel-Nr. 145688
Hersteller PANAVISE
Hersteller-Nr ADA151
EAN 748347524857
The best mini-vise for working on smaller PCBs (2.875 or less in one dimension)! The jaws are strong plastic that wont damage the PCB and doesn't mind if you hit it with the soldering iron by accident. Made in the USA. The easy-to-use single knob controls head movement through 3-planes 210 Tilt, 360 Turn 360 Rotation Fine/coarse adjusting knob controls jaw pressure for delicate work Grooved jaws are excellent for holding small objects and are made of reinforced thermal composite plastic. Continuous heat tolerance to 350F (177C), intermittent heat up to 450 F (204C) Jaws are 2 (50.8mm) tall, 1 (25.4mm) wide, and open to 2.875 (73mm) Neoprene jaw pads are available for holding extremely delicate items Base features 4.3125 (109.5mm) bolt circle countersunk for three 1/4 in. (6.3mm) flat-head screws (not included) compatible with all PanaVise Base Mounts Height 6.75 (173mm), Weight 1.2 lbs. (0.6kg)