Me Encoder Motor Driver - 4
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Me Encoder Motor Driver can control up to 2 DC Encoder Motor. Precise speed and position of 2 motors can be set and get separately. The motor driver IC is TB6612, same as Me Dual DC Motor Driver. We provide a software for tuning P-I-D parameters of the driver, so that it could work well in different conditions. The reduction-gear ratio of the motor is about 46. You can also edit the reduction-gear ratio in the software.

Note: It requires some PID tuning experience, and a USB-to-UART module. This is the encoder motor drive, if you need dc motor driver, check here .


  • Precise speed and position controlling.
  • Real-time speed and position feedback.
  • TB6612PNG motor driver IC with Hight efficient MOSFET-based H-bridges.
  • Easy programming with Arduino library.
  • 6V to 12V motor supply range.
  • 1A maximum continous current per motor.
  • Over-current protection.
  • Easy wiring with RJ25 interface.
  • 2.54mm pins for connecting with dubond lines.


1 x Me Encoder Motor Driver


Download PID tuning tool.

How to use the tuning tool.

API Documentation.

Download Arduino Library.

If you have any doubt about this product or you need technical support, please post it in  Makeblock forum .