Beam0808-136-Blue (4-Pack) - 4
Beam0808-136-Blue (4-Pack) - 1 Beam0808-136-Blue (4-Pack) - 2 Beam0808-136-Blue (4-Pack) - 3 Beam0808-136-Blue (4-Pack) - 4

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Artikel-Nr. 158379
Hersteller MAKEBLOCK
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Beam0808-136 is the new version of Beam0808-144.

Makeblock Beam0808 is One of the most frequently used part in Makeblock platform, it compatible with most makeblock motion and Structure components.


  • Made from 6061 aluminum extrusion, anodized surface. Excellent strength and twist resistance.
  • With holes on 16mm increments, can be drilled for 4mm hardware.
  • Threaded slot enables easy and flexible connection.
  • Cross-sectional area 8x8mm, length 136mm.
  • Sold in Packs of 4.

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