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Artikel-Nr. 168031
Hersteller BENEWAKE
Hersteller-Nr TF-02
EAN 791954231199

The TF02 a ToF (Time of Flight) LiDAR sensor capable of measuring the distance to an object as far as 22 meters away! Its light weight and small size, combined with an IP65 enclosure rating, make this an excellent sensor for obstacle avoidance even in outdoor ambient light conditions. The TF02 can communicate using either 3.3V UART at 115200 baud or the CAN protocol. Not to mention the dust tight, water resistant enclosure looks very tactical and futuristic.


  • TF02 Rangefinder Module with attached cable


  • High sensitivity, and able to measure as far as 22 meters
  • High speed measurement with a maximum sampling frequency of 100Hz
  • Excellent anti-ambient light usability (operable under 100kLux ambient light)
  • Protection grade reaches IP65
  • Anti-corrosive against pesticide
  • Small in size and light