Qwiic EEPROM - 512Kbit - 1
Qwiic EEPROM - 512Kbit - 1 Qwiic EEPROM - 512Kbit - 2 Qwiic EEPROM - 512Kbit - 3 Qwiic EEPROM - 512Kbit - 4

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Add some serious data storage to your latest project with this 512Kbit (64KB) EEPROM. Some flash based microcontrollers (like the SAMD21) do not have EEPROM. Use the Qwiic EEPROM for storing things like GPS waypoints and other user settings that need to be maintained between sketch uploads. With EEPROM, your data is maintained even through power cycles. Qwiic EEPROM has 3 address jumpers, allowing for up to 8 EEPROMs on one bus.

This board is one of our many Qwiic compatible boards! Simply plug and go. No soldering, no figuring out which is SDA or SCL, and no voltage regulation or translation required!

We do not plan to regularly produce SparkX products so get them while they’re hot!

Experimental Product: SparkX products are rapidly produced to bring you the most cutting edge technology as it becomes available. These products are tested but come with no guarantees. Live technical support is not available for SparkX products. Head on over to our forum for support or to ask a question.