Arduino MKR 485 Shield - 1
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Artikel-Nr. 179161
Hersteller ARDUINO
Hersteller-Nr ASX00004
EAN 7630049200296

Want to add serial communications to your device using the RS-485 protocol? The Arduino MKR 485 shield will provide the industrial connectivity you need.

Thanks to this shield, you can now connect your MKR board to any of the industrial systems that using the RS 485 protocol.

The MKR 485 shield is the ultimate expansion that allows MKR boards to connect to almost any legacy industrial system, such as industrial PLCs, controllers, drives and HMIs. Old industrial systems (e.g., machinery, heating systems, and conveyors) can to turned into IoT devices through a serial connection using the MKR 485.

Tech Specs

Connectivity RS-485 Bus
Interface Full/Half Duplex Isolated Transceiver
at 5V with 16V Vin Max Buck On-Board Converter
Circuit Operating Voltage 3.3 V
Compatibilty MKR size