Saleae Logic 4 - Red - 1
Saleae Logic 4 - Red - 1

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Article no. 155663
Manufacturer SALEAE LLC
MPN SAL-00110
EAN 894282002131

Saleae has update their popular Logic analyzer series to now include analog capabilities. A logic analyzer is a device that lets you watch digital signals in your electronics project, perfect for debugging protocols and communications between two chips. An oscilloscope lets you look at analog signals, good for determining what's up with your power supply, audio circuit, or sensor. With the new Logic you can now do both!

This is the Saleae Logic 4 Red. It has 4 channels it can watch at a time. Three of these channels are digital only and one is digital or analog.

Specifications for channels in digital use:

Specification for channel in analog use:

Best of all this all-in-one analyzer plugs into any computer's USB port and has easy to use cross-platform software. This makes it small, portable and inexpensive. If you ever have to to debug SPI, i2c, serial, CAN, 1-wire, Manchester, biphase or other digital protocols, and basic analog signals, this tool is essential!

More information available on the Saleae website!