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Article no. 164594
Manufacturer PIMORONI LTD
EAN 0704256793937

Mote is the most stylish way to light your home (or ship)! Ideal for under-shelf or under-cabinet lighting, or even lighting the way to the emergency exits on your super-yacht (you have one right?)

This is the Mote Host a.k.a. the USB controller. It features four channels, that connects via a USB A to micro B cable to your computer. You can connect up to four Pimoroni Mote Sticks on each Mote Host, which is a total of 64 pixels per USB controller).

Of course, you can have several USB controllers running on the same computer, so your only real limitation is providing enough power.

We've designed Mote to work equally well with whatever flavour of computer you have, be it Linux (inc. Raspberry Pi 3, 2 or B+), Mac, or Windows.

The USB controller can be powered straight from your computer, but we've provided a power boost port to which you can connect a 2+A power supply, to boost the pixel brightness to retina-searing levels.


Our Mote Python library has a bunch of examples showing you how to, for instance, display a rainbow animation, or link Mote up with the Cheerlights crowd-sourced light colours API.

We've put together a tutorial showing you how to control Mote with your iPhone and Siri voice control, and Richard Ruston (of Raspberry Jam Berlin) has written an Android app for controlling Mote with your Android phone.

Check out our getting started guide to get you up to speed with Mote.