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Bristlebots are small robots, great for teaching engineering, motors, circuits, and principles of balance. They don't require soldering or special tools, so they're great for group builds. This pack contains enough parts to make 10 Bristlebots

Who knew we could cobble together an adorable, bite-sized robot with just a toothbrush head, motor, battery, and pipe cleaners?? It took us less than five minutes to assemble one, so we decided to build the rest of its buddies! Now, Adafruit has a veritable Bristlebot squad! We let them do their thing, and our desks have never been cleaner.

Make your Bristlebot by combining a toothbrush head and vibrating motor. By changing the position of the pipe cleaner arms, Bristlebots can travel in circles, straight lines, or scoot around randomly. Dip the pipe cleaner legs in acrylic paint for fun, self-propelled robot art! What will you make your Bristlebot do?