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Da Cunha, Marco


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Date: 2011-01-01

1. Area of application

1.1 For the business relationship between the ELECTRONIC-SHOP SARL and the purchaser are valid exclusively the following general business conditions in its version valid at the time of the order. Contradictory terms or divergent purchasing conditions, of our GBC, of the purchaser are not recognized, also if we execute the order in knowledge of divergent conditions without contradiction. Current conditions: see Internet or on demand.

In addition to this enclosed license conditions of the manufacturers are valid for the products. Product names and logos are property of the manufacturer and may without permission not be used. Product illustrations are exemplary illustrations and can deviate from the supplied products. Deviating conditions of the purchaser are not recognized.

1.2 Our data and offers regarding the devices and product descriptions are non-binding. Printing errors and mistakes are reserved. Regarding the constant technical development and improvement of the products we reserve ourselves changes in construction and execution. This is also valid for changes that serve the receipt of deliverability. Current prices under .

2. Conclusion of a contract

2.1 The contract is made by acceptance of the customer order by ELECTRONIC-SHOP SARL. Confirmation of order won't be provided. The confirmation takes place via execution of the supply of the order. When ordering through our on-line shop the purchaser receives a confirmation of the order entrance taken place electronically.

3. Prices

3.1 For the supply are valid the prices at the time of the order. The prices indicated in on-line shop contain the legal VAT. With an increase of the VAT is the ELECTRONIC-SHOP SARL obligated to recalculate the valid VAT tax. This is valid likewise during a price increase on the book market due to the legal application of fixed prices, as well as with articles which are provided with the additional, "actual prices".

3.2 On the invoices apart from the single net price / total net price further additional expenses (expenses, valid VAT / VAT tax) will be specified.

3.3 The current prices, you find under

3.4 Minimum purchase order values :

The minimum purchase order value per order is ? 25,00 Domestic and ? 50,00 Abroad.

3.5 Delivery costs :

Delivery expenses will be calculated automatically differently of the weight and of the order country

4. Payment terms

4.1 Payment before delivery and immediate transfer over Saferpay (Visa, Mastercard) for private customers, public authorities, and firms. For enterprises with VAT - Number there is also the possibility to buy with outstanding accounts

4.2 Delay in payment

If you should get in delay with your payments, we reserve ourselves the right to charge you interests for delay in the amount of 10%. For the second and third reminder an additional charge of ? 5 will be calculated. - Notwithstanding remains the proof that none and/or only a smaller damage caused by delay has resulted. Further we are entitled to refuse all supplies also from other contractual relationships. For eventual detriments from this non-delivery we are not responsible.

5. Deliver capacity /compensation delivery /partial delivery/special delivery and special productions

5.1 The inventory indicated on our on-line shop corresponds to the stock of our subcontractors. Usually the purchaser must count with a total delivery time of 5 to 7 days.

5.2 The delivery by us takes place under the reserve of the correct and punctual delivery and that we are not responsible for the lack of availability. Compensation, also in the case of late or incomplete delivery is excluded, as far as no rough negligence is present. With unavailability of the goods we will inform you, as soon as a confirmation date of the supplier is present. Usually 3 days after receipt of the order. We reserve ourselves to send you a commodity equivalent to price and quality. In case you do not feel pleased you can return these goods free of charge. If an article should not be no longer available or no longer available for delivery due legal reasons the ELECTRONIC-SHOP SARL is entitled to withdraw from the contract.

If an article could not be delivered for a short period of time, we decide upon our choice whether a free of charge subsequent delivery takes place and/or, if the article will be indicated on the invoice with "order again".

5.3 Partial deliveries are independent deliveries. The customer is not entitled to reject these ones.

5.4 Transport damages: With visible transport damages exists the possibility of refusing the acceptance of the delivery. If you determine the damage, indeed after receipt or if a concealed transport damage (packing in order / contents defect) is present, please contact within 3 working-days after receipt with the competent post office / agency responsible for you and/or, the carrier, so that a minute (short report) is provided over a damaged delivery. Please, make available to us the filled out formular with the damaged delivery / goods so a replacement delivery can take place.

5.5 According to sample or design as well as on special wish, parts, to be made, must be removed and paid in each case, except where, they exhibit one lack from us, which waives their suitability for the purposes of the buyer. If the suitability for the purposes of the buyer is only reduced, the buyer can require only reduction of the purchase price, not however cancellation of the contract.

5.6 We reserve ourselves, additional or short deliveries caused by production. Additional or short deliveries of up to 10% of the order quantity are customary in trade and are considered as contractual fulfillment. By sub-delivery of the order quantity exists no requirement on subsequent delivery of the shortfall.

6. Reservation of ownership

6.1 The commodity remains up to the complete payment property of the ELECTRONIC-SHOP SARL, route de Trèves 141, L-6940 Niederanven

7. Software / licenses / literature

7.1 In many cases apply with certain articles (e.g. Software) over our conditions beyond the license regulations of the manufacturer. With the opening of the sealed packing and/or, the putting into use you recognize these conditions and are responsible for the violation for the damage resulted from it.

8. Guarantee

8.1 We ensure that the delivery articles according to the respective state of the art are free from material defects, i.e. that they are suitable for the presupposed uses or for the usual use and exhibit a condition, which is usual with things of the same kind.

8.2 The customer is obligated to examine the commodity after receipt for completeness and for any lack. In case of lack a notice of lack is to be sent immediately to us. The duration of the guarantee amounts to 24 months starting from the entrance of the commodity at the customer accordingly to the legal regulation. In addition to the guarantee the customer has eventual claims from the commodity attached declaration of guarantee of the manufacturers of many technical products. The warranty completion takes place in accordance with the guidelines of the declaration of guarantee.

8.3 No guarantee is assumed by ELECTRONIC-SHOP SARL for damages or lacks, that result from incorrect application, storage, handling, faulty or inappropriate operation. Likewise any guarantee expires if the customer has already inserted the commodity and/or, makes interventions or repairs on his own.

8.4 As far as a lack on our part concerning the purchase thing, is present, the customer according to his choice can require the removal of the lack or the delivery of a faultless thing. The ELECTRONIC-SHOP SARL can refuse the selected kind of the post delivery by the customer, if this is possible only with disproportionate costs. Also with the second attempt in the scope of a repair the removal of a lack does not succeed, the customer is entitled to require the supply of a faultless thing or price reduction or a cancellation of the contract. The resignation is excluded, if it concerns a slight lack and is insignificant.

8.5 The customer is obligated to send back to us the claimed article with the pertinent purchase bill and as exact as possible an error description. With unauthorized claim we reserve ourselves the calculation of a expense allowance for the accomplished test measures. The amount depends on the expenditure, however amounts to at least ? 25,00.

9. Liability

9.1 In case of data loss the ELECTRONIC-SHOP SARL, cannot be held liable. The customer is solely responsible for the safety of his data.

9.2 Claim for damages because of lack of the things are excluded, unless the ELECTRONIC-SHOP SARL , in a shrewd way has concealed the lacks or had assumed a warranty for the condition of the commodity or culpable damage to lives, health or body have resulted.

9.3 As far as not expressly agreed, are excluded existing liability claims over the legal scope doesn't matter on which legal reason foregoing responsibility release does not apply, if the damage on intention, guileful deception is respectively based on rough negligence.

9.4 The extent of liability is not concerned according to the product liability law.

9.5 Aforementioned regulations render the complete extent of liability of ELECTRONIC-SHOP SARL , their management, as well as their co-workers. A further responsibility will be excluded.

10. Returns

10.1 Since we have agreed with the parcel service provider "UPS" special agreements concerning returns, we ask for general commissioning of "UPS" for returning the goods using the attached return sticker. For price reasons the costs of other transport carrier can be refunded only up to the height of the costs agreed upon between us and "UPS". We give you immediately after receipt and examination of the commodity, with consideration of our GBC, an appropriate credit note. The amount of credit note is refunded, if a payment had already taken place.

11. Data protection

11.1 The data necessary for the business purposes will be stored for an error free and fast order handling in our EDP.

11.2 The customer is entitled to object the use of his address data for advertising purposes on our part. A passing to third parties for commercial purposes does not take place.

11.3 If it should be unavoidably possible in the context of a claim completion, for example from data media, to pass still existing personal customer data to suppliers / manufacturers, these ones are likewise obligated to be treated in accordance with the procedure. The ELECTRONIC-SHOP SARL, cannot ensure neither the re-establishment of the data nor the deletion of the data before forwarding.

12. Different things

12.1 Place of delivery for all mutual performances owed from the contract is Luxembourg.

12.2 The several times transmitted orders - for what reason as always - are to be marked clearly, since otherwise the performances are executed repeatedly. In such cases no costs will be assumed on our part.

12.3 If individual regulations of these GBC should not be legally effective totally or partly, then hereby the validity of these GBC are not to be affected.

13. Applicable right and area of jurisdiction

13.1 It applies the Luxembourg right under exclusion of the UN- Right of Sales.

13.2 Exclusive area of jurisdiction is Luxembourg or another legal area of jurisdiction according to choice of ELECTRONIC-SHOP SARL .

Summonable address :

Manager : Da Cunha Marco, Quintas Carlos
Route de Trèves 141
L-6940 Niederanven
Commercial register : B 151.810
VAT - Id. :  LU 238 25 805
Matriculation : 2010 24 06037


Date: 2011-01-01