Instructions for cancellation

Right of cancellation

You may cancel your contract, either in writing (e.g. letter, email), or – in the event that the item has been transferred before the expiry of this cancellation period – by returning the item within a 14-day period. You do not have to give any reason for your decision to cancel. The cancellation period begins immediately after receipt of this written communication, and, in any event, no earlier than when you received the goods. The cancellation period is deemed observed if you return the goods prior to the end of the cancellation period.

The cancellation should be addressed to:

141, route de Treves
L-6940 Niederanven

Phone: +352 269464-1
Fax: +352 269464-64

Consequences of cancellation

In the event of a valid cancellation, the products or services received by either party must be returned, including any benefits (e.g. interest). If you cannot return any service received (e.g. a set of use advantages), either in whole or in part, or can only do so in a deteriorated condition, you must provide us with relevant compensation. If you use the item for its stated purpose, you will not be held responsible for its replacement, where deteriorated. The return of the item is at our risk. You are obliged to bear the costs of return shipping, if the merchandise delivered corresponds to the merchandise you ordered, provided the price of the merchandise to be sent back does not exceed 40 €. Where the corresponding price is higher, you will also bear the shipping costs if, at the product cancellation date, you have not settled the invoice or made a due part payment. Otherwise, returns are free of charge. Items that cannot be sent by parcel will be picked up. Any reimbursement obligations must be fulfilled within 30 days of sending the cancellation notice.

The 30-day period starts when you send the cancellation notice. For us, it starts with our receipt of the cancellation.

End of cancellation instruction